Prof. Dr Jiang Shao-Yong

Leading Geochemist in China, Specialist on ore geochemistry, PGE elements and Precambrian/Cambrian Geology


Prof. Dr. Harry Becker

Specialist on Early Earth, Solar System,  Mantle Geochemistry and Precambrian Surface System

Dr. Stephen Galer

Long living radioactive system (Sr, Nd, Pb) research for Paleoclimate reconstruction. Cd isotope geochemistry in aqueous and solid systems, TIMS specialist

Dr. Daniel David Gregory

Specialist on in situ sulphide trace etal abundances as tracer of nutrient flux and ocean oxygenation in Earth's History


Dr. Chunhui Li

Specialist in highly siderophile and chalcophile elements and non-traditional stable isotopes (Cu and V).

Dr. Stephan Schuth

Specialist on novel metal stable isotopes in low and high temperature systems

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Dr. Sebastian Viehman

Specialist on REE+Y and Nd-Hf isotope signature in Paleoseawater archives, Sm/Nd, Lu/Hf geochronologist

Dr. Michael Steiner

Specialist on Precambrian/Cambrian Strata and Microfossil assemblages


Dr. Li Da

Specialist on Precambran/Cambrian Lithologies. Sr, C, O, U and I isotope Geochemist


Prof. Dr. Shouye Yang

Specialist in provenance analyses of river sediments using various geochemical tools