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S.V. Hohl, H. Becker, S.-Y. Jiang, H.-F. Ling, Q. Guo, U. Struck: Geochemistry of Ediacaran cap dolostones across the Yangtze Platform, South China: implications for diagenetic modification and seawater chemistry in the aftermath of the Marinoan glaciation. Journal of the Geological Society 03/2017; DOI:10.1144/jgs2016-145

Q. Guo, H. Wei, S.-Y. Jiang, S.V. Hohl, Y. Lin, Y.-J. Wang, Y.-C. Li: Matrix effects originating from coexisting minerals and accurate determination of stable silver isotopes in silver deposits. Anal. Chem., 11/2017; DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.7b04212




S.V. Hohl, S.J.G. Galer, A. Gamper, H. Becker: Cadmium isotope variations in Neoproterozoic carbonates – A tracer of biologic production?  DOI:10.7185/geochemlet.1704

A.S. Rodler, S.V. Hohl, Q. Guo, R. Frei: Chromium isotope stratigraphy of Ediacaran cap dolostones, Doushantuo Formation, South China. Chemical Geology 05/2016; 436. DOI:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2016.05.001



S.V. Hohl, H. Becker, A. Gamper, S.Y. Jiang, U. Wiechert, J.H. Yang, H.Z. Wei: Secular changes of water chemistry in shallow-water Ediacaranocean: Evidence from carbonates at Xiaofenghe, Three Gorges area,Yangtze Platform, South China. Precambrian Research 09/2015; 270(270):50-79. DOI:10.1016/j.precamres.2015.09.006

A. Gamper, U. Struck, F. Ohnemueller, C. Heubeck, S.V. Hohl: Chemo- and biostratigraphy of the Gaojiashan section (northern Yangtze platform, South China): A new Pc-C boundary section. Fossil Record 06/2015; 18(2):105-117. DOI:10.5194/fr-18-105-2015

S.V. Hohl, H. Becker, S. Herzlieb, Q. Guo: Multiproxy constraints on alteration and primary compositions of Ediacaran deep-water carbonate rocks, Yangtze Platform, South China. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 05/2015; 163. DOI:10.1016/j.gca.2015.04.037



S. König, C. Münker, S.V. Hohl, H. Paulick, A. R. Barth, M. Lagos, J. Pfänder, A. Büchl: The Earth’s tungsten budget during mantle melting and crust formation. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 04/2011; 75(8):2119-2136. DOI:10.1016/j.gca.2011.01.031



Conference Proceedings



Cd Isotope Fractionation between Phases in Cambrian Black Shales: a Case Study from the Niutitang Formation, Southwest China Goldschmidt Meeting Paris 2017
Hohl SV, Galer SJG, Liu Q, Wei H-Z & Jiang S-Y

Geochemistry of Ediacaran seawater of the Yangtze Basin: Trace metals and isotope proxies in carbonate rocks suggest water mass mixing in a stratified ocean Geobiology Meeting Wuhan 2017 Hohl SV, Becker H., Wiechert U, Wei H-Z & Jiang S-Y



What Controls the Fractionation of Cd Isotopes in Marine Carbonates? Case Studies from the Neoproterozoic Strata on Yangtze Platform, South China Goldschmidt Meeting Yokohama 2016
Hohl SV, Galer S, Jiang S-Y & Becker H

Alexandra Rodler, Simon V. Hohl, Qingjun Guo, Robert Frei: Cr isotope stratigraphy of Ediacaran cap dolostones, Doushantuo Formation, South China. EGU meeting 2016, Vienna; 04/2016.



Cd Isotopic Variations in Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks from South China; Biogenic or Abiogenic Isotope Fractionation? Goldschmidt Meeting Prague 2015
Hohl SV, Galer SJG & Becker H



Simon V. Hohl: Multi-proxy study of shallow-water Ediacaran carbonates (Xiaofenghe, Yangtze Platform, South China). GSA 2014, Vancouver; 10/2014. DOI:10.13140/2.1.1390.8169

Simon V. Hohl: Cadmium isotopic fractionation in Ediacaran carbonates from the shallow water Xiaofenghe section, Yangtze Platform, South China. GSA 2014, Vancouver; 10/2014, DOI:10.13140/2.1.3750.1128



Multi-Proxy Study of Shallow- and Deep-Water Doushantuo Carbonates, Yangtze Platform, South China Goldschmidt Meeting Florence 2013
Hohl SV, Becker H, Herzlieb S, Guo Q & Gamper A



Trace Element Abundances in Doushantuo Cap Dolostones from Platform and Slope Settings, Yangtze Platform, South China Goldschmidt Meeting Montreal 2012                                         Hohl SV, Becker H, Hippler D & Baro W

Simon V. Hohl: Major and trace element abundances in Doushantuo cap dolostones from platform and slope settings, Yangtze Platform, South China - Influence of post-depositional fluid-flow. Fermor Meeting of the GSL on the Neoproterozoic Era 2012, London; 10/2012. DOI:10.13140/2.1.3363.0408



Geochemical Evolution of Lavas of the Rabaul Caldera – Fractionation of Fe Isotopes and HFSE Ratios during Fractional Crystallisation Goldschmidt Meeting Prague 2011
Hohl SV, König S, Münker C, Schuth S & Kuduon J



The Bulk Silicate Earth’s W Budget Revised: Implications for the Timing of Core Formation Goldschmidt Meeting Knoxville 2010
König S, Münker C, Hohl SV, Paulick H & Köhler A