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Conference Proceedings



Trace elements and Cd isotopes as indicators of environmental conditions and microbial activity during Proterozoic to Cambrian stromatolite formation International Conference on Ediacaran and Cambrian Sciences, Xi’An 2018 S.V. Hohl, S-Y. Jiang, H.Z. Wei, S. Viehmann, M. Steiner, D. Krämer, M. Bau, D.H.G. Walde, P. Meister & S.J.G. Galer

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Cd Isotope Fractionation between Phases in Cambrian Black Shales: a Case Study from the Niutitang Formation, Southwest China Goldschmidt Meeting Paris 2017
Hohl SV, Galer SJG, Liu Q, Wei H-Z & Jiang S-Y

Geochemistry of Ediacaran seawater of the Yangtze Basin: Trace metals and isotope proxies in carbonate rocks suggest water mass mixing in a stratified ocean Geobiology Meeting Wuhan 2017 Hohl SV, Becker H., Wiechert U, Wei H-Z & Jiang S-Y



What Controls the Fractionation of Cd Isotopes in Marine Carbonates? Case Studies from the Neoproterozoic Strata on Yangtze Platform, South China Goldschmidt Meeting Yokohama 2016
Hohl SV, Galer S, Jiang S-Y & Becker H

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Hohl SV, Galer SJG & Becker H



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Hohl SV, Becker H, Herzlieb S, Guo Q & Gamper A



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Geochemical Evolution of Lavas of the Rabaul Caldera – Fractionation of Fe Isotopes and HFSE Ratios during Fractional Crystallisation Goldschmidt Meeting Prague 2011
Hohl SV, König S, Münker C, Schuth S & Kuduon J



The Bulk Silicate Earth’s W Budget Revised: Implications for the Timing of Core Formation Goldschmidt Meeting Knoxville 2010
König S, Münker C, Hohl SV, Paulick H & Köhler A